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Commonwealth Surveying offers accurate, detailed, environmentally sound surveying approaches to every commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential surveying application.

Our services
include surveying for land and property development, industrial development, topographical needs, easement and right-of-way, A.L.T.A./A.C.S.M, and construction layout and staking. We also survey residential homes and properties for new and existing home owners as well as new home construction.

All of our services utilize state-of-the-art robotic, GPS-based Total Stations along with the latest data collection technologies available. We are experienced working in any type of terrain, even the rugged topography that is often found throughout Kentucky.  

Commonwealth Surveying takes pride in its cost-effective and ethical commitment to all of its clients, large and small. Whether a large scale project such as a shopping mall, an industrial construction project, or a small survey for a new home buyer, Commonwealth Surveying is committed to making our clients' plans become reality. 

We also take great pride in helping the public understand the role and importance of surveying through outreach and educational efforts.

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