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Commonwealth Surveying Opens Doors/Services to NKy

BURLINGTON, Ky. - July 1, 2007 - A new company has opened its doors in Boone County.

Commonwealth Surveying, based in Burlington, has opened its doors for business, giving Northern Kentucky a new choice in commercial, industrial, and residential surveying services. The company will be led by CEO and longtime Boone County resident, Tom Bushelman.

The company will tailor its surveying services to large scale commercial and industrial land and property development, but will also offer complete services to meet the needs of the residential real estate market as well as the ordinary homeowner.

“Both the commercial and residential markets are continuing to grow in this area,” says Bushelman. “So, the need for surveying services will continue to be in high demand for the foreseeable future.”

That spells good news for Northern Kentucky.

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), Northern Kentucky is in the top 10 of 72 residential real estate markets around the nation with consistent annual increases in median prices for existing, single-family homes. Pricing for homes in this area continues to run about 12% behind what experts say it should be, but forecasters are confident of continued, steady growth in this market.

In addition, the expanding U.S. economy continues to pull commercial real estate development along with its expansion, despite rising oil prices, interest rates, and increased construction costs. This is due to more money continuing to flow into commercial real estate than any other market sector, with an average return on investment at now over five percent.

In addition to its primary focus, Commonwealth Surveying also is set up to help the public understand the role and importance of surveying through outreach and educational efforts.

“Our website has a whole section that describes the kinds of surveys and what they mean,” says Bushelman, who also serves as Chairman of the Northern Kentucky Association of Professional Surveyors.

Bushelman began his career as an electronics technician in the U.S. Navy. He later attended the Civil Engineering program at the University of Kentucky and worked as a surveyor on projects in California, North Carolina, Ohio, and Kentucky before pouring his experience into his own company. He is a member of the National Society of Professional Surveyors, and is a volunteer with Boone County 4-H, and is an accomplished Bluegrass musician.

You can learn more about Commonwealth Surveying and its services at www.CommonwealthSurveying.com.

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