Commonwealth Surveying uses only the latest and most advanced equipment in its surveying operations, providing our clients with greater accuracy and affordability in the shortest time possible.


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Trimble S6 Total Station

Commonwealth Surveying uses the Trimble® S6 Total Station, the most advanced Autolock and Robotic total station available. It is an autolock and robotic surveying tool used in both land surveying and engineering applications, and works together with the TSC2 Controller and MultiTrack Target (see below) to deliver unsurpassed performance and productivity in land surveying and specialized engineering applications.

Its 4D control processing software provides a seamlessly connected, complete solution for any engineering and survey job. This is especially useful in applications such as monitoring and tunneling where multiple targets with very tight spacing are used.

The Trimble® TSC2™ Controller is a rugged, adaptable handheld computer that gives our surveyors a full keyboard for range of operations with the S6 Total Station or Global Positioning System (GPS) operation.

The TSC2 Controller runs on a Microsoft® Windows Mobile 5 operating system and allows a surveyor an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for a very wide range of site positioning applications, as well as the power to hold vast amounts of information for multiple large jobsites.

The TSC2 Controller is designed with construction site measurement and stakeout operations in mind. Its software measures, computes volumes, and loads CAD and surface model files for jobsite stakeout and grade checking applications. Using the TSC2 with its SCS900 Site Controller software gives the surveyor total control of site operations.

Trimble MultiTrack Target for Both Active and Passive Tracking

The Trimble MultiTrack™ Target is the only target of its kind in the surveying industry. It has both active and passive tracking and ensures the surveyor always locates and locks on to the correct target.

Even nearby reflective surfaces, such as road signs, cars, safety vests, and other prisms, will not disrupt our surveys.

ML-1M Subsurface Locators

When going out on a survey job, old survey monuments and property boundaries must be located. These are normally marked by metal pins, nails, or rods buried deep in the ground. To find these markers, we employ a special kind of metal detector; the ML-1M Subsurface Locator.

This subsurface locator is a digital unit that not only allows the surveyor to find a metal pin, but also how deep it may be buried.


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